Reflection: Real World Applications Investigating Newton's First Law of Motion- Inertia - Section 5: Elaborate/Evaluate


Providing students with real world learning experiences not only keeps students engaged and motivated, but help them recognize the purpose for learning.  When students are engaged in a meaningful task or assignment, they are more likely to retain the information they have gained throughout the lesson. In addition, they are likely to be more attentive throughout their task and open to making connections to real world.  Students have the chance to practice or experience concepts, making them concrete versus abstract. Their learning becomes authentic and generates curiosity and inquiry. Often, these assignments directly impact students from their past experiences or current interests. By connecting concepts to the real world, it helps students recognize that we are actually using what we are learning in the real world.

In this lesson, I had students focus on Newton’s First Law of Motion by applying what they have learned about it during their research and creating a poster that illustrated Newton’s First Law of Motion. To help them connect this law to the real world, I give them an example related to the importance of wearing a seatbelt. From there, students create a poster that shows three examples to support Newton’s First Law of Motion and how life would be different if this law did not exist.  Some examples related to Newton’s first law includes: playing hockey, skateboarding, soccer, and bird flying.

  Connecting to the Real World
  Real World Applications: Connecting to the Real World
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Investigating Newton's First Law of Motion- Inertia

Unit 6: Forces and Motions
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT explain how the law of inertia applies to the real world.

Big Idea: Students will investigate how a penny at rest stays at rest until a force is applied and its position changes.

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