Reflection: Safety Exploring Ecosytems (SHRUBs-Students Helping Restore Unique Biomes)-Day 3 - Section 3: Explore/Explain/Elaborate



This is a great video that talks about "Leave No Trace". I make sure to discuss the "Leave No Trace" Principles with my students before and during our hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. It's important for them to understand that whenever they are in an outdoor setting that they need to make sure to not leave any trash or take anything from nature. We also talk a lot about being prepared for hikes as well.

 The principles are as follows:

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare

  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
Dispose of Waste Properly

  • Leave What You Find
Minimize Campfire Impacts

  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Here's the link for the Leave No Trace website that has more information and a Principles Trifold that can be printed and given to students.

  Safety: Leave No Trace
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Exploring Ecosytems (SHRUBs-Students Helping Restore Unique Biomes)-Day 3

Unit 4: Ecosystems
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Objective: SWBAT identify the parts of a Mediterranean Ecosystem and describe the climate, the native plants and the native animals that live in this ecosystem.

Big Idea: This is the 3rd and last outing we have with SHRUBs and is a culminating hike for the students to review what they have learned from the previous trips.

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