Reflection: Real World Applications Day 1: The Passing of Time...Day/Night, Seasons, and Years - Section 5: Elaborate/Evaluate


In this lesson, I created an assignment called, “What’s the Best Time of Day?” that reinforced the concept of how locations on Earth experience night and day at different times. I had students select one of two real life scenarios where they had to apply their understanding of Earth’s rotation and its connection to the cause of night and day.  I decided to use a real world situation to help students recognize the value of this concept and its relation to the life.  This type of assignment helps students see the importance of the concept and how it is applied to different aspects of life in the real world.

In this assignment, I found students took different approaches in calculating the times for each situation. It was interesting to see their methods differed but that they each came to a similar answer.  As I spoke to a pair of students who were close to the same time as one another, I was intrigued by one student’s explanation as to why his time differed by a ½ hour from another student in relation to scenario 2 of what time to be picked up at the airport. He shared with me that his time was a ½ more because you have to get your luggage.  I was intrigued by this response. It was an indication that he had experiences at the airport and used them as part of his explanation.

Real world assignment benefits student learning in different ways. One, it increases student motivation. Students are more engaged in assignments that show relevance for why they are learning it. They tend to apply more effort and energy into these types of assignments. Second, learning becomes more concrete than abstract. Students see the relevance because it is real.  Of course a real world assignment has to have a real world connection to students in order for it to be effective.  If they cannot relate or do not have enough experience or background with the idea, they may not see the connection. It is best to provide them with background, tools, and strategies to help them develop this connection.

  Real World Application-The Effects of Night and Day in the Real World
  Real World Applications: Real World Application-The Effects of Night and Day in the Real World
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Day 1: The Passing of Time...Day/Night, Seasons, and Years

Unit 5: Out Of This World- A Journey Through Our Solar System
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Objective: SWBAT explain how Earth's movement around the Sun causes changes in season, day/night, and year.

Big Idea: Students will develop and use a model of the Earth rotating and revolving around the Sun to explain the idea of passing time.

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