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Many people have different approaches about conferring. I love the Patrick Allen approach. Here is a video of him conferring with a child. I use a similar approach, allowing the kids to do most of the talking. I never want the conferring session to feel punitive, so I make sure to check in with all kids over the course of a concept. For the personal narratives, this actually makes my job a lot easier, having seen all of the narratives before I sit down to grade them.

  Conferring and Patrick Allen
  Conferencing: Conferring and Patrick Allen
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Theme, Continued

Unit 1: Narrative Writing
Lesson 10 of 14

Objective: SWBAT: deepen their understanding of theme by applying it to their Personal Narratives.

Big Idea: In this second part of our instruction on theme, students pick a theme for their life in order to begin thinking about how theme can fit into their own Personal Narratives.

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English / Language Arts, theme (Reading Comp), theme (Writing), Writing, Creative and Narrative Writing, personal narratives, independent reading, memory maps, Ninth War
  50 minutes
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