Reflection: Flexibility Breaking Light Apart - Section 3: Independent Investigation


Unfortunately, due to weather issues and loss of school days, we did not have the opportunity to complete the observation activity in this lesson. We did complete the discussion and powerpoint presentation prior to an evacuation drill. I felt that students understood the concepts so I didn't feel pressured to complete the observation as a whole class. However, I made it into an independent center where students could visit a tub of flashlights and filters and complete the observation sheet on their own time. This was helpful for them and provided a great anchor activity for the classroom.

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  Flexibility: No Time For Science!
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Breaking Light Apart

Unit 4: Eye Spy With My Animal Eye
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: Students will understand how light filters work and how white light is broken up to show different colors.

Big Idea: Students will understand that although we see white light, colors come from filtering or absorption of color.

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