Reflection: High Expectations I’ve Got That Buggy Feeling - Section 2: Guided Investigation


This may be a challenging Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for students, but one that may allow student to talk about seeing things from someone else's perspective. This lesson incorporates observations from a human stand-point as well as from an insect standpoint. The world is a very different place for a bug, and students will see that clearly. I would encourage you to have a discussion with students not only about how perspective may change a person's understanding or feelings about something, but also how different observations can occur in the science classroom, based on where you observe something and how you observe it.

You might want to have the SEL lesson at another time so as not to confuse the science and the SEL, but this lesson provides a great spring board to the SEL discussion. It always resonates with my students and is worthwhile taking the time to do.

  Social Emotional Learning
  High Expectations: Social Emotional Learning
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I’ve Got That Buggy Feeling

Unit 4: Eye Spy With My Animal Eye
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: Students will compare and contrast human and insect senses.

Big Idea: Insects interact with the environment differently from humans.

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