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Although I had a plan in place to allow students to explore the anatomy of the compound eye, through modeling, the lesson took on a life of its own. Students took the materials I had provided and began to make their own version of the model. I allowed students to explore their own version of the model as it made sense to them. If I thought the model was not an accurate description, I would ask students questions, but in the end, models were accurate descriptions of their understandings.

It is important that students be allowed to explore learning in a way that made sense. I needed to have a model for those who needed assistance, but allowing variations allows for different learning styles to be met in the classroom.

  Differentiation and Learning Styles
  Student Led Inquiry: Differentiation and Learning Styles
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Alien Eyes

Unit 4: Eye Spy With My Animal Eye
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: Students will understand that insects have intricate eyes that offer them a greater range of vision than humans.

Big Idea: Insect eyes increase their efficiency and survival rate.

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