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The actual journal reference upon which this investigation is based is the following - Nifurzide, a Nitrofuran Antiinfectious Agent: Interaction with Escherichia coli Cells, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Mar. 1981, p.477-486.


If no incubator available: The plates can be stored overnight at room temperature, agar side down and results may be viewed in 24 hours, but optimal results can be seen in 48 hours.

If incubator is available: Incubate at 37ºC overnight for 24 hours with agar side up. If utilizing an incubator, please allow approximately three hours for maximum absorption of the mixtures into the agar before incubating. 

I have experienced excellent results when my students have utilized an incubator and when I did not have one available. I encourage instructors who may not have access to an incubator to still consider completing this worthwhile investigation with their students.

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  Classroom Setup: Lab Instructor's Chronicles Volume III
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Combinatorial Chemistry Lab C - Conducting a Kirby-Bauer Analysis

Unit 7: Advanced Techniques in Biotechnology
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: Students will test mixtures for antibiotic activity, isolate the individual compound(s) which possess antibiotic properties and screen the mixtures by utilizing techniques used to conduct a Kirby-Bauer Assay.

Big Idea: The Kirby Bauer Assay ability to both identify new potential antimicrobial compounds and identify the presence of antibiotic resistance makes it a valuable research tool.

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