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The actual journal reference upon which this investigation is based is the following - Nifurzide, a Nitrofuran Antiinfectious Agent: Interaction with Escherichia coli Cells, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Mar. 1981, p.477-486.

The entire study can be performed at room temperature if an incubator is not available. However, if an incubator is to be used it is important to ensure that the compounds in the wells have been absorbed into the agar so that plates are stored properly and condensation does not occur. 



It is important that proper sterile techniques are used to avoid contamination.  Compounds are not toxic at the amounts used in the experiment but are potentially irritating to the skin and eyes. Wash hands after performing the experiment and clean up using disinfectant.

Tips for handling E.coli:

1. Wipe down the lab bench or station with a 10% bleach solution at the beginning and end of each laboratory session.
2. When creating mixtures and transferring chemical solutions or liquid bacterial cultures, keep nose and mouth away from the opening of the tube to avoid inhaling any aerosols that may be created.
3. All spills should be reported to your instructor and cleaned up immediately according to the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each chemical used in the experiment. Be sure to wear proper footwear (closed toe) to prevent injury.
4. Dispose of any materials that have come in contact with bacterial cultures (i.e. tubes, pipettes) in special waste containers as provided by your instructor.
5. Wash hands with soap and water before leaving the lab.

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  Classroom Setup: Lab Instructor's Chronicles Volume I
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Combinatorial Chemistry Lab A - Reagent and Media Prep

Unit 7: Advanced Techniques in Biotechnology
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: Students will successfully perform mathematical calculations required to prepare the media, reagents, and compounds needed for the research and development of a novel drug therapy based on techniques used in the field of Combinatorial Chemistry.

Big Idea: Mathematics is the foundation of any type of scientific research!

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