Reflection: Lesson Planning Sharing Letters to the Editor - Section 3: Silent Sharing


I asked the students what they thought about this activity, and the response was very positive.  One student said they particularly liked the fact that they didn't have to talk about it afterwards—they didn't have to respond to what they read or hear others’ feedback, which they said changes the experience.  A number of students agreed with this.  Another student liked seeing what the others wrote, to see how they approached the assignment.   

As a class, when I asked them to comment on some the responses, I was able to applaud one particularly strong letter that really exemplified the expectations of the assignment (I just commented on how he started it by writing “it was refreshing. . .”, taking a more positive start, then moving to some well-written criticism afterwards.   I was actually not as impressed overall with the writing, mostly because with the exception with a couple, they did not seem to be as edited as I had hoped.  Next time I do this letter to the editor, I will have to write some more pointed, specific criteria to emphasize the edited aspect of it.  I will also spend more time analyzing the model letters so they have a better idea of expectations.

  Good Activity, Though Disappointing Writing
  Lesson Planning: Good Activity, Though Disappointing Writing
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Sharing Letters to the Editor

Unit 4: Thematic Unit: Education
Lesson 11 of 18

Objective: SWBAT enter into discourse of a topic by writing a "letter to the editor" and sharing their thoughts with peers.

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