Reflection: Complex Tasks Research - Narrowing The Topic - Section 3: Independent Investigation


There is a fine art to choosing good work partners. It takes time and reflection about who works best with whom. It is very important that you choose or guide students to choose good work partners for students. Too often, when given the choice, students will gravitate to working with a friend. I have found that there are very few instances when a child's best friend is also their best work partner. Too often friends are a distraction. However, on the flip-side, students who do not like each other working together, can also be a distraction.

  Work Partners and Friends Are Not The Same Thing
  Complex Tasks: Work Partners and Friends Are Not The Same Thing
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Research - Narrowing The Topic

Unit 8: Science Exploration Research Projects
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: Students will narrow their topics and find sources of information.

Big Idea: Students will learn how to narrow their research topic and begin the online research process in a safe online environment.

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