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The activity using the YouTube video is challenging to set up in a large class. You need all the video-facing students to be seated where they can see the screen, while their partners cannot see the screen at all. You also have to try to to ensure that partners don't watch or copy each other. I had to set up rigorous expectations as I knew some students would complete the task faster than others. I had to tell students to leave the room or move to the back of the room when I signaled that they were correct. This alleviated the possibility of copying each other or students who were done, giving hints. We also talked about allowing everyone to learn and that giving hints and answers removed the learning possibility from others. This is so important in order to ensure that everyone has the chance to try the activity without outside influence.

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  Classroom Setup: Managing The Activity
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What Is A Wave?

Unit 7: Waves Aren't Just In The Sea
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: Students will explore the concept of a wave and learn basic vocabulary.

Big Idea: Students will understand what a wave is and the terminology to use when describing a wave.

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