Reflection: Trust and Respect Sharing Letters to the Editor - Section 2: Warm-up: Hearing the Author


It was funny hearing their responses to her—they basically said she sounds just like she writes:  a bit condescending and arrogant.   They were interested, however, in the fact that she kind of back-tracks from her criticisms of Maya Angelou (though even then she doesn’t sound completely sincere).   They also asked me about my response to both the interview and the piece, so I talked a bit about how her criticisms of certain books and general tone was very irritating, but that I agreed with some points, such as the idea that some English teachers choose books that they like without considering the student.  This was cool because the fact they care what I think about this shows there is a level of trust in the class.  Overall, we talked for about ten or fifteen minutes.

  Not Much Change in Point of View
  Trust and Respect: Not Much Change in Point of View
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Sharing Letters to the Editor

Unit 4: Thematic Unit: Education
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Objective: SWBAT enter into discourse of a topic by writing a "letter to the editor" and sharing their thoughts with peers.

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