Reflection: Multiplication Properties - Section 4: Independent Activity/Exit Ticket


Overall, this lesson allowed the visual and auditory learners the opportunity to learn the skill.  The students were able to work in groups to hear the thinking of others.  The technology component gave the students a chance to learn in a different way.

In the part of the group activity were the students had to write a number sentence and identify the property, the students did well.  However, in the second part of the activity were the students had to write their own word problems, some students had difficulty.  It is amazing how you can give the students a word problem, and they can solve it.  When asked to write their own, it becomes a challenge.  

I found that the students had most difficulty writing a word problem for the commutative property.  I think that this is because they had to come up with a two-part word problem.  We will continue practicing composing our own word problems in other units.  It is very important for the students to learn to be creative in their thinking.

  Multiplication Properties
  Multiplication Properties
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Multiplication Properties

Unit 9: Multiplication and Division Meanings
Lesson 3 of 15

Objective: SWBAT use multiplication properties (such as the commutative property or the property of one) to simplify computations.

Big Idea: Multiplication Properties are rules that can be used to help with math computation.

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multiplication properties
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