Reflection: Real World Applications Do We Need A New Phylum? (Part 1/2) - Section 5: Putting It All Together: What More Do We Need to Know


In this teaching reflection, I explain the strategies that I use with my students to help them make predictions about where to place these new animals.  I also explain how I guide my students in finding reliable information on the Internet by making a list of initial questions, performing a keyword search, and then compiling a new list of questions.

In this teaching reflection, I explain how I help my students determine that they need multiple sources to really understand the background information for this topic. I also explain how I help students determine the reliability of sources and the importance of reading primary documents. 

  Real World Applications: Science in the News
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Do We Need A New Phylum? (Part 1/2)

Unit 11: Invertebrates
Lesson 9 of 12

Objective: Using recently discovered evidence from scientific professionals, students will determine if a new animal phylum is necessary.

Big Idea: When new evidence presents itself, scientific thinking is revised.

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patterns (Data Characteristics), Science, invertebrates, Developing and Using Models, common ancestry, Obtaining and Communicating Information, DNA sequences, Anatomical Structures, DNA
  56 minutes
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