Reflection: Joy Water Watchers - Part 2 - Section 2: Guest Speaker demonstrations


This lesson was an excellent reminder about getting guests involved in lessons.  One, a guest speaker gives students a break from my teaching and new or different perspective.  Students were very engaged during this lesson and interested in the aquifier model. Second, the guest speaker for this lesson is simply no match for me.  He has so  much  more content knowledge about groundwater, healthy water and Montana streams than I do.  He is the expert and I am like the students, learning along with them.  Each year I have done this lesson, I learn a little bit more, but I'm thankful I have the ability to have this guest speaker come to my classroom for this lesson. Third, and maybe most importantly, having a guest speaker is a fabulous way to create community relationships and gives professionals a chance to connect with students.  

This was a great way to have my students learn something new and be engaged and excited about learning. 

  Guest brings GREAT engagement
  Joy: Guest brings GREAT engagement
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Water Watchers - Part 2

Unit 4: Earth Changes
Lesson 18 of 18

Objective: SWBAT observe a groundwater model and contamination clean up.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students listen to a guest speaker and observe an aquifer model to see how groundwater may be contaminated and then cleaned through filtration.

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Science, watershed, ground water infiltration, models, water cycle, water systems
  165 minutes
aquifier model
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