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The engineering design process is a very useful tool to have students understand the inquiry is not a linear process. It allows students who are perfectionists give themselves the permission to try something and have it potentially fail, as there is always an "improve" stage. In addition, it is important that students understand that the process of problem-solving in engineering is never-ending. Engineers are always seeking out the answers to a problem and designing solutions for them.

I show students how the engineering design process is very similar to the scientific process. I tell them that we often thinks of the scientific process as linear as well, but it should be shown in a circle as well, and in my classroom, it is.

  Engineering Design Process
  Complex Tasks: Engineering Design Process
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Engineering Design Process

Unit 5: Roller Coaster Madness
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: Students will learn about the engineering design process. They will practice the steps of the engineering design process in a design challenge.

Big Idea: The engineering design process provides a useful framework for physics investigations.

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