Reflection: Performance Tasks Maintaining Homeostasis (Part 2/2) - Section 4: Putting It all Together: Designing Your Own Experiment


My students did a great job when they designed and conducted their experiments. They also did an excellent job when they performed their data analysis. However, their final lab reports left much to be desired.  If I had not been there, when they completed some of their performance tasks, I would have never known the extent of their learning. This teaching reflection outlined some strategies that would help my students write lab reports and my plan to help them better back up their claim with evidence.  This is the rubric that the English teacher and I use when grading written reports.

  Performance Tasks: Determining what Students Know....when their work says otherwise
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Maintaining Homeostasis (Part 2/2)

Unit 10: The Eukaryotic Cell
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: Students will explore several processes that help a cell maintain homeostasis.

Big Idea: What keeps a cell healthy and happy? Find out in today's exploratorium.

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cell membrane transport, Science, Passive transport, Active transport, structure and function , planning and carrying out investigations, stability and change, Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions, Feedback mechanisms, Osmotic balance
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