Reflection: High Expectations Pizza or Spaghetti?? Left Side/ Right Side Interactive Notebook Activities - Section 3: Sharing the Paragraph


When I first started teaching I wanted students to do their own work and not to share answers. Through the years I have changed my philosophy to include giving students the time and opportunity to correct their work based on what they see and hear from others.  

Students don't always take my descriptive feedback on their work and internalize it, but if they see or hear their friends doing something on their work and the students have the opportunity to emulate someone who is successful, they will internalize that for next time.  This is one way for me to allow student leadership to show through and for students to be intrinsically motivated to do their best.  

  Reflection: Allowing for Corrections
  High Expectations: Reflection: Allowing for Corrections
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Pizza or Spaghetti?? Left Side/ Right Side Interactive Notebook Activities

Unit 8: Beyond the Venn Diagram: Learning to Write A Compare and Contrast Paragraph
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT write a paragraph comparing and contrasting two topics.

Big Idea: Being able to write a paragraph comparing and contrasting two things will help students understand the compare/ contrast text structure.

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English / Language Arts, topic sentence, Writing, Reading, Comprehension (Reading), compare and contrast, concluding sentence, Interactive Student Notebook, mix pair share
  60 minutes
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