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Because biology tends to have a language of its own, it's important that students have multiple opportunities to learn and reinforce vocabulary.  When students are not well-versed in the content specific language, they are not confident about what they know because they are not able to articulate their reasoning about concepts.

I am an advocate for teaching vocabulary in creative and engaging ways that help students retain and recall the meanings of terms.  For me, vocabulary instruction does not include defining terms from a textbook. However, I do like to teach word parts and allow students to create images that help them retain information about new terms.

KIM charts are one way that I teach vocabulary.  I like KIM charts because they allow students to write the word, say the word (with a phonetic spelling) and use the word (in a sentence).  Additionally, students create a visual image that helps them recall the meaning of the term.  The development of the image acts as a memory cue long after the task is completed, better ensuring that students will be able to recall and use the term correctly, in context.

The integration of the vocabulary into instruction s a critical part of students' building of conception understanding.

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  Vertical Alignment: Vocabulary Instruction
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Meiosis, part 3

Unit 5: Unit 2- Cells
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Objective: Students will demonstrate content knowledge about meiosis while strengthening literacy skills.

Big Idea: Writing across the curriculum helps build literacy.

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Science, Writing Process, meiosis, mitosis, gametes, haploid, genetic variation, crossing over
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