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A challenging concept for many of my students is making inferences; therefore, I decided to have students complete an exit ticket at the end of this lesson that included two parts. The first part asked them to share ways the sun is important to us. I asked this question to have them connect what they learned from our lesson and what they already know about the sun.  The second part presented the students with an inference type question: What would happen if the sun disappeared?  My intention was to have students take what they already knew about the sun and what they learned from the lesson to draw the conclusion on the effects of the sun’s disappearance.

It’s a skill my students continuously practice. I often find they hesitate on questions that require them to synthesize information. They always want the ‘right’ answer, which is why I encourage them with assignments like this one that have them engage in inference based answers.

I found students were able to elaborate fairly well on the question: What would happen if the sun disappeared? The responses I read were accurate and sensible. They included thought provoking ideas and relevant ideas to life without the sun.  It gave them opportunity to practice making and logically explaining Earth’s existence without the sun.

  Making Inferences
  Real World Applications: Making Inferences
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You Are My Sunshine- The Sun's Role

Unit 5: Out Of This World- A Journey Through Our Solar System
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Objective: SWBAT explain how we use the Sun's heat and light energy .

Big Idea: Students will use the sun's heat and light energy to change the color of beads.

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