Reflection: Adaptive Technology Cloning - Section 2: Introduce New Material


I like this particular lesson because it builds differentiation into the tasks that each group must submit.  Differentiation is also a part of the lesson because technology allows us to modify the rearch component of this lesson to each student'd particular needs.  For example, I can link the cloning websites to Kurzweil for my students who are struggling readers, which allows them to access the information needed to complete the assignment without comprising their learning experience.  Kurzweil is a great tool that my district has provided for teachers.  I use it because it helps students act as independent learners, even when they are not quite up to grade level with their reading skills.

Also, the tasks are differentiated by what is required for each.  The artistic students will lean towards either the poster/commercial creation or the KIM chart.  The students who prefer to work solo will lean towards the website research and questions or the 4-point paper.  Giving multiple tasks that differ in what is produced engages all my learners in the process and creates ownership of tasks by multiple parties.

I am always amazed by the high quality and creativity of work that is produced when students are given opportunities to work to their individual strengths and abilities.

  Adaptive Technology: Differentiation
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Unit 2: Unit 3- Growth and Heredity
Lesson 15 of 16

Objective: Students will evaluate the use of DNA technology in today’s society.

Big Idea: The development and use of technologies may lead to social, moral, ethical, and legal issues.

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Science, Heredity, DNA (Genetics), Writing, Cloning, Bioethics, vector, somatic cell, genome, bioengineering, nuclear transfer, real world application
  55 minutes
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