Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Genetics BINGO - Section 2: Content Review


I feel that all students benefit from multiple instructional approaches to instruction. Many of my students do not possess the prior knowledge to learn a concept after hearing it only once or even twice, so I typically will integrate activities that afford students opportunities to review concepts a number of times before a summative assessment is performed. 

Games are one way that I afford my students a chance to review concepts and gauge their understanding.  Playing a modified BINGO is a fun and effective way to remediate vocabulary terms. Because students are required to give their own definitions of the terms as they check their card, after calling BINGO, it reinforces the learning of new vocabulary.  Students love the game and I love knowling hat they are learning and/or reinforcing concepts while having fun.

  Repetition creates a greater Impression
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Repetition creates a greater Impression
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Genetics BINGO

Unit 2: Unit 3- Growth and Heredity
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Objective: Students will use the BINGO gaming strategy to review and demonstrate mastery of vocabulary associated with genetics.

Big Idea: B-I-N---GO review genetics vocabulary!!!

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Science, Vocabulary, vocabulary acquisition, genetics, writing, review, concept reinforcement
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