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I enjoy teaching this particular lesson because it has such a strong real-world application.  Everyone has members of their families that may not have a strong resemblance to other members of the family.  By using this prior experience and knowledge, I am able to build an immediate interest among my students that allows them to engage in the learning process.  

The Michael Jackson video is always met with enthusiastic interest by students, as well.  By tying the lesson to the part of the video where students are able to see how the faces change, they establish a clearer understanding of what "phenotype".  As the lesson progresses, I am able to keep referring back to the Jackson video as scaffolding toll that helps me build more and more complex concepts onto the video images.

This lesson is a real-world application that allows students to readily grasp the concepts of genotype and phenotype.

  Real World Application
  Real World Applications: Real World Application
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OMG! Who's genes are you wearing?

Unit 2: Unit 3- Growth and Heredity
Lesson 10 of 16

Objective: Students will be able to apply concepts of statistics and probability to explain the variation and distribution of expressed traits in a population.

Big Idea: We all “wear mom (or dad) genes” to some degree or another based on the inheritance of traits.

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