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Through participation in lessons that require the “consumption” or rather the “production” of multimedia students can gain valuable knowledge and insight not always readily possible through other instructions methods.  The ultimate goal is to move students from merely consumers to producers of technology and multimedia which will enable them to express themselves creatively while developing effective collaboration techniques.

Before assigning a multimedia project to my class we spend time viewing professional products in order to gain ideas about how best to convey a given idea. In this lesson students view a candid conversation with Alec Jefferys about the challenges of communicating to different audiences his novel discovery and how the potential impact of the use of different media to explain DNA Fingerprinting influenced his decisions.  Students being able to view Dr. Jefferys as he is reminiscent about how he decided to name his invention was surprisingly inspiring to my class. They mentioned how “human” Dr. Jefferys appeared to be and how significant not only what but also how an innovation is described can be to a scientist. I was delighted that students got the message that being able to present information in compelling ways takes thoughtful planning. and is a skill you must practice in order to master.

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The Mystery of the Romanovs

Unit 6: DNA and Detectives: Applications of Genetic Testing
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Objective: The objective of this lesson is to begin our Genetic Testing Unit by creating simulations of the DNA fingerprints of various members of the Romanov family and then comparing and evaluating the DNA fingerprint patterns to establish family relationships.

Big Idea: How can the latest in gene identification technology be used to identify victims of a brutal crime as well as trace genetic disorders present in a family for generations?

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Science, Biotechnology, Forensic Science, genetic testing, Bioethics, DNA Technology, Gel electrophoresis
  90 minutes
dna fingerprint
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