Reflection: Vertical Alignment Application: Geometric Integrals - Section 3: Finding Integrals


Some people (my students for example) may wonder why we'd be doing integrals in a Geometry class. For me the reason is clear. I went through college calculus, and did well in it, without ever understanding the fundamental principle that is at the heart of this lesson: the integral is the accumulation of products of the independent and dependent variables. When this idea clicked for me years after the fact, I thought, "How much more beautiful Calculus would have been if I'd realized this then!" So how could I withhold this jewel from my students. I look forward to the day when they're pounding their head against a desk trying to figure out some complicated integral and actually know what it means.

  Giving students jewels that I didn't get
  Vertical Alignment: Giving students jewels that I didn't get
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Application: Geometric Integrals

Unit 10: Areas of Plane Figures
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT calculate integrals using area formulas

Big Idea: In this lesson, geometry students find out that they know enough to do integral calculus.

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