Reflection: Coherence Application: Geometric Integrals - Section 1: Physics Background


As math teachers, especially now with the CCSS, we're always trying to find ways to connect the math we're teaching to the real world. This can often lead to contrived scenarios or stretches. I am finding more and more that I get a lot of joy out of bringing Physics into the math classroom. I feel like its a naturally marriage and the connections are authentic. I don't have to try hard to find the math in Physics. It's already there. And I feel like I'm sharing something with students that valuable to them. At the very least, it's knowledge about how the physical world they live in operates. And for some of them, it's introductory training for careers that will definitely involve the principles of Physics.


So this is just me reflecting on how much I enjoy integrating Physics and math and I guess a plug for math teacher everywhere to hopefully do the same.

  Advocating for using Physics Problems as Real-World Problems
  Coherence: Advocating for using Physics Problems as Real-World Problems
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Application: Geometric Integrals

Unit 10: Areas of Plane Figures
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT calculate integrals using area formulas

Big Idea: In this lesson, geometry students find out that they know enough to do integral calculus.

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