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It's hard to go anywhere these days without seeing a QR Code attached to a flyer, a building, or a museum exhibit. My first use of a QR Code was at our local zoo where I scanned a code and learned more about the different animals there. I also recently learned that the QR stands for Quick Response.

This was my first time creating these codes for a lesson and I found it to be really easy. Most of my students were familiar with the QR Code, but several did not know how to use them. After I showed them how to use the scanner, several of them wanted to download the app to their own phones or devices. 

I embedded a short instructional video to each of the codes so that the students would scan the code and then watch the video. I think the next time I do this lesson, I'll have the students create the instructional videos for the Science Tools. 

In this video I talk about making sure you have an alternative plan if technology doesn't work here.


  Using QR Codes
  Real World Applications: Using QR Codes
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Science Tools

Unit 1: Scientist Training Camp
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Objective: SWBAT identify the kinds of tools scientists use and how to use them.

Big Idea: Scientists use several different tools for measuring and observing scientific phenomena. Students will be working as scientists this year and need to know how to use these tools properly.

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