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Many students understand what a scientist is and does, but they are a bit more confused about what an engineer does. From the pre-assessments, I saw that most of the students wrote that engineers build things  or they repair things ( a few drew auto mechanics) so this was a good lead off for our class discussion.

I told the students that a lot of engineers use science to help them come up for solutions for problems and that they both go through different processes to guide their investigations or their problem soiving. The students continued to think that engineers were builders mainly and this is where I also introduced the video about what an engineer does.

This video from Engineering is Elementary is a great explanation of how to differentiate between scientists and engineers and to help students understand the similarities and differences between these 2 fields. 

  What is an engineer?
  Real World Applications: What is an engineer?
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What is a Scientist? What is an Engineer?

Unit 1: Scientist Training Camp
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Objective: SWBAT describe what scientists and engineers do and what steps they take in either conducting experiments or solving problems.

Big Idea: This year my students will become scientists and engineers and in this lesson they will learn about the similarities and differences between these two.

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