Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Blue Box Presentations - Section 3: Blue Box Findings


It can be tricky for the kiddos to describe the sound they are hearing in the blue box, to help with this I have asked the teams to compare the sound to something else. For example, it sounds like ... plastic pieces hitting each other or it sounds like unifix cubes when I shake them. This line of questioning encourages the students to compare the sounds of other items.

To develop accountable talk and to help students make a more accurate conclusion next year I will provide a list of possible items that may be in the box rather than the open ended clue that it is a classroom object. I think this will promote the students to specifically defend the item, by making comparisons with the listed item and the observations they have made with their blue box item.

  Scaffolding Observations and Claims
  Diverse Entry Points: Scaffolding Observations and Claims
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Blue Box Presentations

Unit 1: Our Scientific Community
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT present their conclusions on what is in their 'blue box'.

Big Idea: Students' curiosity is in high gear! What's in everyone's blue box? They listen to their fellow scientific teams share their observations and conclusions.

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