Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Survive the Great Earthquake Shake! Part 2 - Section 2: Explore and Explain


Overall, this was a fun lesson and one in which students used the engineering process. Most students were delighted to find that they got to use what worked or didn't work in their previous design to re do or enhance the structure that was tested on the jello pan. 

I did not have enough time this particular day to have a class discussion about what types of structures worked well and which ones didn't. I think that is an important part of the lesson and learning experience for students.  Ideally, it would be done right after testing, while students could see the structures that worked and didn't work. An easy extension would be to talk about different architectures in your town and which ones may be more earthquake proof.  In my town, we've had several major earthquakes. An extension could be to examine the architecture of the buildings that have survived and note various aspects of the buildings and structures. 

  Revisions and Testing Fun
  Intrinsic Motivation: Revisions and Testing Fun
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Survive the Great Earthquake Shake! Part 2

Unit 4: Earth Changes
Lesson 15 of 18

Objective: SWBAT identify structural designs that are stronger than others.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students test a marshmallow and toothpick structure and make observations about whether the structure could withstand an earthquake.

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