Reflection: Vertical Alignment Areas of Regular Polygons Inscribed in Circles - Section 1: Making Preliminary Predictions


One of the crazy things about the Common Core transition is that, inherently, students are going to come to us with gaps. The ninth graders I got this past year, for example, missed out on the entire elementary school progression of the CCSS. Not only that, as teachers are struggling to teach everything in the new standards and teach it correctly, students come in with gaps from the classes they have taken. 

To give an example, my students this past year came to Geometry (having taken Algebra 1), but not having a really basic understanding of what a function is. I would argue that the idea of function is one of the most important in high school mathematics. So when I realized this, I had to think of how I would address this gap while still teaching Geometry. That is what spawned this lesson. The content is Geometry, but the big idea is really all about functions. Even if they forget the geometry in this lesson, I will be happy if when they get to Calculus functions are a very familiar thing to them.

  Shoring up the gaps during transition to CCSS
  Vertical Alignment: Shoring up the gaps during transition to CCSS
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Areas of Regular Polygons Inscribed in Circles

Unit 10: Areas of Plane Figures
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Objective: SWBAT express the ratio of an inscribed regular polygon's area to the area of its circumscribed circle as a function of the number of sides.

Big Idea: Ever seen a regular polygonal eclipse? Tune in to this lesson to find out what you've been missing.

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