Reflection: Vertical Alignment Regular Polygons and their Areas - Section 1: Modeling and Guided Process


In terms of longevity, the content of this lesson is not all that important. Students probably won't need to remember the formula for the area of a regular polygon in terms of its radius and number of sides any time soon (or late). 

However, as I'm teaching this lesson, I'm thinking about what students will need to do in their math futures. They will need to know how to write an expression for one quantity in terms of one or more other quantities. So in that way, I feel this lesson is really important in terms of the math practices that are in it. As teachers and students of mathematics, we know the things that are important for students to know how to do even if these things don't appear in the textbooks, the content standards, or even in the practice standards. And when I see things like this, I try to make it a point to teach them, and hopefully well.

  Teaching Math Practices
  Vertical Alignment: Teaching Math Practices
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Regular Polygons and their Areas

Unit 10: Areas of Plane Figures
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Objective: SWBAT express the area of a regular polygon in terms of the number of sides and side length.

Big Idea: In no uncertain terms, we're learning about FUNCTIONS in Geometry

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