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In my state, students often hike and camp outdoors with their families.  Erosion isn't an unfamiliar word simply because of where my students live. Our town doesn't have a single escalator, so many students might not know what that is, many of my students have background knowledge about erosion. In this lesson, I wanted students to be able to define what soil erosion is and to begin thinking about how to prevent soil erosion.  

The use of journaling in the beginning of the lesson is an important tool I use. It's one way I address whether students learn the material. I can read the journal entries from this lesson and then ask students to journal again in a future lesson and be able to tell right away if a student is learning.  It also serves as a way for students to look back and see how much they've learned. 

  Defining Erosion
  Journaling: Defining Erosion
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What is soil Erosion?

Unit 4: Earth Changes
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Objective: SWBAT explain and observe what happens during soil erosion.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students work in groups to create a hillside garden and observe what happens during soil erosion.

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Science, weathering, erosion, video engagement, slow changes, water, soil erosion
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