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One of the things that I do every year during this unit to bring families in for family involvement is to have a kite day. My school has a family involvement goal we support that goal by planning one activity per month that will get our parents in the schools more often.

When I plan these, I try to plan them around a unit or around a main holiday. I prefer getting our families tied into some kind of curricular activity so that they can see what their student is learning in the classroom.

This is an activity that you'll want to plan during a time of year that there will (hopefully) be some wind. I happen to live in an area where the late spring is very windy.

Every student brings in a kite and the families go fly kites on the field.

We are able to talk about the wind and how it helps our kites fly.

This is wonderful extension activity and something fun for kids that they may not get to experience otherwise.

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Unit 9: Weather
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: Students understand how and why wind is caused by watching a video and create a list of ways people can use weather to their advantage.

Big Idea: Wind is caused by heat and cooling of the Earth and the rotation of the Earth.

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