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Just in time for Digital Citizenship Week 2015 (Oct. 19-23), Edmodo and Common Sense Media have released the latest version of an award-winning and highly acclaimed Digital Citizenship Curriculum. For younger students, joining a Blended Learning environment for the first time or returning to a Blended classroom, it may be helpful to view the following video as an introduction to the eight components of positive Digital Citizenship. 

Digital Citizenship is an essential component of any successful Blended Learning school community and the skills required by our students must be the product of explicit instruction. 

  What is Digital Citizenship?
  Shared Expectations: What is Digital Citizenship?
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Best Tech Practices for Blended Science Classrooms

Unit 3: A Tour of Our Blended Learning Biotechnology Lab
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Objective: Instructors will be able to create student-centered science classrooms based on best practices in blended or personalized learning by creating clear goals for digital citizenship.

Big Idea: Digital citizenship is critical to the success of any Blended Learning Science Classroom!

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