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I do this activity with students because I really want them to see the connection between the questions or statements they make and the effect that they have on the conversation and ultimately how well they learn. Students who are not used to having academic conversations with their peers struggle to share their thinking and critique the thinking of others (Mathematical Practice 3). This lesson helps scaffold that for students and set a supportive environment in which students feel safe sharing ideas.

This lesson also promotes a new mindset about mistakes in math as a positive learning tool. Students need to begin viewing themselves and their peers as academic resources. They may not have been given many opportunities to assist and learn from their peers. It is important to allow students access to each other's ideas and learn from their mistakes instead of having them work in isolation and hide their work from each other. I have to get my students used to the idea of sharing their answers and their work in ways that support learning. This takes less time when they start doing this automatically. Right now they are not used to being given the chances to fix their mistakes, but I want them to know that I expect them to use their mistakes to help them learn.

  Why I Do This Activity
  Routines and Procedures: Why I Do This Activity
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Conversation Moves

Unit 1: Order of operations & Number properties
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Objective: SWBAT work cooperatively to critique the work of others and attend to precision while working on order of operations.

Big Idea: Creating a safe environment where mistakes are used as a learning tool.

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