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I teach a weather unit every year. Up until the NGSS standards came out, it was a basic unit. We kept a weather journal, read a few books learned a bit about a few types of weather and made a few crafts.

Now, I felt I really needed to dig a little deeper than what I had done for years. Problem is this: I needed to learn more before I could teach more.

I ended up spending quite some time just learning a little more about weather myself so that I could in turn teach the terms and concepts.

This lesson was one in which I had to go back and relearn what I, myself, was taught in school.  I remember learning about clouds and the different types. I just couldn't remember which type was what. 

Be aware that when you are implementing new standards or curriculum, that you may need to go back and reteach yourself some things. That takes extra time that you may not originally plan for.

  Lesson Planning: Honesty
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Unit 9: Weather
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: Students learn the different types of clouds by conducting a research project and presenting their findings to the class!

Big Idea: The students take on the role as teacher and teach each other about cloud formation!

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