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Even in Kindergarten it is important to hold students accountable for learning new information. I review the vocabulary learned in the previous lesson about the water cycle to show students that I expect them to try out using the new vocabulary and remembering their meaning.

I tell students daily that we will review things we have already learned! This sets the expectation in my class that we will continue to use and build on the information we are learning each day. 

 I am holding my students accountable for their learning. Anytime I can put that information in different formats to help them remember, the better. This is why I give them multiple exposures through reading a text, watching a video, and having them create models like the snowflake of what we are learning about helps them use the new information and make connections.

  Accountability: Vocabulary
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Unit 9: Weather
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to explain that snow is an example of precipitation by reading a story and creating a model of a snowflake.

Big Idea: No two snowflakes are alike!

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