Reflection: Complex Tasks Protein Synthesis Lab, part 2 - Section 2: Introduce New Material


Pnuemonic devices are one way that students can begin to tackle and learn complex sequences of information.  I like using them because they help students learn complex information using simple sentences that they will likely remember a lifetime.  

Everyone who learned "All cows eat grass" in music remembers the notes on the treble clef.  In very much the same way, learning a simple sentence can help students remember the steps of protein synthesis.  I like that pneumonic devices don't give students the actual terms but merely gives the words that use the same first letter.  The words in the sentence act as a clue but forces students to think about the process and the related vocabulary to come up with the correct term.  They are a great way to scaffold learning.

 I have found pnuemonic devices to be highly effective, especially when students are afforded the opportunity to create their own sentences.  When this occurs, students become owners of their learning.  They are given the chance to create a sentence that has relevance for them and it sticks because they own it.

  Pnuemonic Devices
  Complex Tasks: Pnuemonic Devices
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Protein Synthesis Lab, part 2

Unit 2: Unit 3- Growth and Heredity
Lesson 6 of 16

Objective: Students will model the process of transcription and translation in order to better understand the process of protein synthesis.

Big Idea: De-coding amino acid sequences correctly is important for life.

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transcription, Science, translation (DNA), protein synthesis, RNA, polypeptides, amino acids, protein, nucleus, DNA, Ribosome, Cytoplasm
  65 minutes
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