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In planning this activity, I felt great about how it was going to run.  However, it didn't go well.

The students had such a hard time trying to build their insects and getting the materials to work they wanted to.

I found myself getting frustrated easily, not with the students, but with the lesson as a whole. 

In the future, I will plan to have multiple helpers on hand.  I was by myself which I think made things worse.  So many kids needed help at the same time and I just didn't have the hands to do it all.

Thinking through the materials that I chose to work with would've been a good idea.  Students were trying to poke pipe cleaners through toilet paper rolls and it just wasn't working.

All in all, I think the students enjoyed the activity.  It's just something that I will do very different next time.

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Build an Insect

Unit 7: Insects
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: Students will put their knowledge of insects to work by building an insect of their own.

Big Idea: Entomology meets engineering and design!

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Science, Science Skills, insects, insects
  50 minutes
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