Reflection: Student Ownership Taxonomy of Fungi (Part 1/2) - Section 5: Student Discussion: Phylum Construction


In this video, I will explain how students take ownership in their learning about the definition of a phylum. By first learning about an individual species of fungus and sharing their findings with the class, students drive learning and stay interested in a potentially boring topic.  

Then armed with their newly discovered knowledge, student groups explore the criteria taxonomists use in the classification of phyla. We revisit several topics discussed at the beginning of the year and build on our understanding of phylogenetic relationships. This allows us to review the species concepts.


  Student Ownership: Revisiting Taxonomy
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Taxonomy of Fungi (Part 1/2)

Unit 5: Fungi
Lesson 1 of 2

Objective: Students will use information about particular species of fungus to determine the defining characteristics of a phylum.

Big Idea: How do taxonomists know into which phyla to place individual species? Find out today.

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Common Ancestors, Science, Fungi, Obtaining and Communicating Information, Biological Evolution, pattern, Consistency in Natural Systems
  81 minutes
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