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I had been struggling with ways to assess retelling. When I had them retell in writing, the complexities of the writing process were having an impact on the performance of many students. I wanted to find a way to truly evaluate the quality of each student's retelling, and I especially wanted to find a way to objectively analyze the final product in a way that would allow me to plan instruction and differentiate as needed. Having a parent volunteer tape the kids turned out to be the perfect solution. It gives me a collection of tapes that I could listen to without distractions, enabling me to apply a rubric and look for common grammar mistakes. After this lesson, for example, I wanted to teach my students to start their retelling with an opening or topic sentence.

The parent used a flip camera, and I have also had sixth grade students successfully use these, so that's another option. This will simplify things, since I can ask for a student helper when I don't have a parent available.

  High Quality Task: Retelling Solution - Enlisting Help from a Parent Volunteer
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Now you'll remember

Unit 1: Key Ideas and Details in Literature
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: SWBAT retell a story after creating a setting mat and practicing with cut outs.

Big Idea: Drawing the setting and acting out a story with character cut outs can help some students remember the key events in a story.

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English / Language Arts, setting, retelling, listening comprehension, learning modalities
  45 minutes
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