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In the video Popcorn Example, you will see a student whose back is to the camera.  He seems to not be paying any attention to what is going on.  That is because this student has only been in my class and the country for a couple of weeks.  He is a very smart young man who is working on learning English.  You see him cutting out a black shape.  That is his silhouette that I had traced onto construction paper using an overhead.  After he is finished cutting it out he will create a collage from magazine pictures to explain what he likes and is like.  I will be putting him with small groups of students to talk about the pictures and himself.  I am very impressed with his perseverance to work on a task while something completely different is going on around him. 

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The Math Curse

Unit 1: Getting Started
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Objective: For students to recognize math is everywhere and to create a folder to collect and organize their portfolio of work

Big Idea: Math is everywhere

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Math, Statistics, Data collection / Organization / Display, Portfolio, Math and Literature
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