Reflection: ELL Students Describing Single-Variable Data Sets - Section 2: Foldable Notes


Foldable graphic organizers help students see the connections among different items of information. They are consistent with brain-based research that stresses the importance of visual-kinesthetic learning. They are especially helpful to English Language Learners and students with IEPs, but consistent use of this type of note taking strategy can improve retention in all students. The SOCS four-tab foldable emphasises the importance of Shape, Outliers, Center, and Spread when analyzing the features of a bivariate dataset. As a foldable, students can choose to focus on a single element or open all tabs to compare and contrast two or more features.

  Improving Retention with Graphic Organizers
  ELL Students: Improving Retention with Graphic Organizers
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Describing Single-Variable Data Sets

Unit 6: Statistics: Single-Variable
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT describe the shape, center and variability of a one-variable data sets.

Big Idea: In order to make sense of a data set, we must know about the shape of the distribution, where its center is located, and how far the values tend to stray from the center.

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