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My students will all be adults some day and often like to imagine they have already reached that level in life. Using “real world” examples, like the moving van problem in this particular lesson, allows them to look at a very realistic situation in which they can personally visualize themselves someday as they all hope to move either out of their parents’ house or into a bigger house or into a college dorm, and connect the dots that way. When I used this lesson, I actually had a student make a comparison to how ZipCar calculates their rates. Although it wasn’t exactly the same, it was clear the student was attempting to make a connection to the application of the lesson.

  Real World Connections
  Real World Applications: Real World Connections
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Stacking Cups: Systems of Equations Real World Application

Unit 6: Systems of Linear Equations
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT apply their knowledge of systems of equations to model a real world scenario.

Big Idea: Students use data to create equations describing a concrete scenario. Students analyze the equations as a system to solve a problem.

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