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Math can be an intimidating subject for a lot of people, so building a culture of engagement, particularly in endurance, is very important to successfully teaching it. I make sure that I keep every lesson appropriately scaffolded so that I progressively build the mental load demanded of my students, starting with low level skills first, which also helps build that confidence and baseline understanding from which to start. It’s also important to recognize student achievements and participation. I also try to keep an overall positive and safe classroom culture that allows students to feel that they can take risks and make mistakes in math without feeling like they will be critically judged or deemed as failures. This helps keep students from tuning out from what they know is a particularly important subject for them to graduate high school when they can look at experiences as opportunities to learn rather than as spotlights for weaknesses.

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  Trust and Respect: Classroom Culture
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The Last Day of School!

Unit 10: Bridge to 10th Grade
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Objective: SWBAT celebrate their last day as Algebra One students.

Big Idea: Students will participate in two group activities to welcome the start of Summer.

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