Reflection: Debate The Intercepts of a Quadratic Function - Section 2: Guided Notes + Investigation


I try to hold students accountable for their think time in extended sessions by having them jot their answer or their thoughts down somewhere occasionally either in notes or on a sticky note. I am working on ways to make my students more accountable during this think time. It’s also usually a good indication to me that a student is not thinking if they have a glazed look on their faces or are not actively looking back at their notes or worksheets or are trying to avoid eye contact to avoid the threat of a cold call. However, this is an area in which I’m trying to improve without scaring my students by being put on the spot of cold calling.

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The Intercepts of a Quadratic Function

Unit 9: Quadratics
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT sketch a quadratic function using its intercepts.

Big Idea: Students will discover the relationship between the factors of a trinomial and its roots. Students will use the x and y axis to plot key points on a parabola.

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