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Students are people and people will not care to truly apply effort and energy to learning a task if they do not see any real purpose or meaningful application behind it to their own life. By demonstrating the students, through “real world” problems and examples, the importance of math in our daily lives, it helps them connect the dots between school and life beyond. This bolsters motivation for students to learn and master the skills taught in a math class. If I as the teacher cannot realistically map out for them how math and the real world are connected through what we are doing in class, their engagement is more likely to slip, as well as their commitment to truly learning the material.

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Using Numbers to Predict the Future

Unit 3: Numeracy
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Objective: SWBAT use patterns and the measures of tendency to make numerical predictions.

Big Idea: Students will calculate weighted averages. Students will use the properties of "9" to predict the value of a mystery number.

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Math, Algebra, Integers, division, multiplication, geometric patterns, evaluating algebraic expressions
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