Reflection: Real World Applications Application of Linear Systems of Inequalities - Section 2: Whole Group Practice


I like to first think about all of the real-world applications of whatever it is I am trying to teach and then find those examples most relevant to the culture and lifestyles and age of my students. I’m a fan of using online resources that already good at building these types of scenarios that connect to the real world, such as 101 questions. Although this didn’t seem like a real world problem, the skill practiced was connected to the real world problem of finding an affordable moving van and it was still engaging for my kinesthetic and visual learners, which helped offset the lack of direct real world experience.

  Real World Applications
  Real World Applications: Real World Applications
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Application of Linear Systems of Inequalities

Unit 7: Linear Inequalities
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT solve real world scenarios using linear systems of inequalities.

Big Idea: Students will analyze the coordinates of solutions to linear inequalities that arise from a real-world scenario.

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